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Our Story

How much do you know about the history of NESTEA®?

History of Tea

According to legend, tea was discovered by the mythological Chinese Emporer, Shen Nung in 2737 BC. Leaves from a shrub fell into a cup of hot water, and when the Emporer drank this new brew he found it refreshing and considered that it must have medicinal powers.

Benefits of Tea

Tea is not only a refreshing drink - it may also contribute to health and wellness. Its ingredients include compounds called polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties. Tea also contains a unique blend of theanine and caffeine so helps to both calm and uplift you at the same time. A variety of different types of studies, are seeking to understand how tea ingredients affect biological processes, and how tea might benefit health and wellbeing through these processes.

Types of Tea

There are five different types of “real” tea – white, green, oolong, black and pu-erh (dark) tea. A little known fact is that they are all derived from the same plant, which is biologists call Camellia sinensis, but they do have different properties and tastes when in your drink.

Iced Tea

The history of iced tea goes back to the early 1800s but it was not until 1904 at the Wold's Fair in St. Louis (USA) that iced tea really took off. The Indian Tea Commissioner, Richard Blechynden, was offering hot tea to everyone but take up was low due to the intense heat. He and his team realised this and took the brewed India tea, filled several large bottles, and placed them on stands upside down - thus allowing the tea to flow through iced pipes. It was a big hit. His concept required pipes and equipment and as the world started to get a taste for drinks that could be had at home or on the go. As a result, NESTEA® was born in 1948.


NESTEA® is a delicious drink that gives you deep down refreshment. Made with real tea leaves, natural fruit flavours and sweetened to taste, each can or bottle is filled piping hot.